About Us

Emergency  Training Institute, "Improving Quality of Life through Education" CPR,  Health & Safety services provided at your locations of choice.  We  are a mobile (on demand) training site, with flexible scheduling and personalized  training to meet your needs while minimizing cost and time constraints.  Our training site is aligned with the regional American Heart Training Center IPCTC.  Emergency  Training Institute can offer our training services while utilizing  either one of our three providers, (AHA) American Heart Association, Medic  First Aid, or ASHI (American Safety Health Institute).  We offer BLS,  Adult, Child and Infant CPR, AED, First Aid and OSHA Bloodborne  Pathogens Standard, including Hepatitis & HIV with appropriate  equipment for hands-on relevant training in all of our courses.     Emergency  Training Institute instructors are licensed, insured & caring  Professional Firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedics and RN’s, that will teach  your staff, co-workers or team, the skills required to save a life.  Our goal is to provide  our clients the most well qualified, professional and dedicated  instructors. After all, we strongly feel that we are only as good as the  trainers we certify, and we strive every day to learn new and exciting  ways to present and teach the curriculum in a fun, easy-going,  straight-forward manner. Our courses utilize the latest in technology  and teaching styles and our instructors strive not only to certify  participants, but to make sure they can apply their knowledge in a real  world situation.  Upon successful completion of our training, you will  receive a two (2) year certification. It is important to receive a  certification every 2 years to have fresh knowledge and practice, so  that when an emergency arises you will know what to do and why you are  doing it. Your certification will also prove that you are current on the  latest knowledge of performing CPR.